From classroom to community: a rationale for the development of a class website and blog




O'Ryan-Ractliffe, Jennifer Kathleen

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Curriculum development at its best should create an educational environment that not only provides information, but also appeals to each student’s own educational goals and personal interests, while simultaneously serving the larger goals of society. Thus, substantive and catalytic curriculum development requires a re-examination of how we envision and create educational spaces. Schooling must provide more for students than a homogeneously assessed, pre-determined, one-size-fits-all model, or it will fall short of the expectations of the contemporary classroom. Schooling has not kept up with the increasingly important role digital media plays in all other aspects of society. If the people we wish to reach as educators inhabit digital places, then in order to effectively engage with them we must embrace the digital age and create communities of learning for those digital learners within the spaces provided by the digital world.



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