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Harapanahalli, Harshitha

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The mental and physical health of young people significantly depends on their level of connectedness to their family, school and community. This document focuses on the visual representation of different indicators, identified by domain specialists in health-care, that affect the mental and physical health condition of children. Our goal is to represent them in the form of a visual chart which gives more immediate insight to community members (teachers, family members, youth-care representatives) to take corrective measures and improve the quality of living in affected communities. This project also presents an alternative, side-by side view of the data for two different communities so as to compare between the two. It also gives the option to the user to view the individual data of a child of particular community. Furthermore, a detailed description of the technology involved in this project’s implementation is provided along with proposed extensions that can be added to make this platform accessible and usable to large number of users in future.



Connectedness, early childhood