Incorporating and Developing Culturally Appropriate Practice in Early Childhood Education




Marshall, Kathleen

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This project examines the importance of integrating and developing culturally appropriate practice in early childhood education. The guiding question for this project is how can I help teachers incorporate local Aboriginal content into their classrooms in a meaningful way? This project examines the ways Canada, New Zealand, and Australia integrate Aboriginal culture into their early learning environments while also looking at ways educators in British Columbia can begin to incorporate culture into their daily teaching practice. This project highlights ways educators can begin to incorporate culture into their classrooms by looking at differences in worldviews, as well as guiding principles educators can follow to ensure they are being culturally sensitive. The information gathered in this inquiry project is used to create a professional development workshop which districts could adopt as a first step in beginning to integrate local Aboriginal culture into their early learning environments.



Aboriginal Education, Culturally Appropriate Practice, Early Childhood Education