Design Principles and Performance Metrics for Magnetic Refrigerators Operating Near Room Temperature




Arnold, Daniel Sean Robert

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In the past decade, active magnetic regenerative (AMR) refrigeration technology has progressed towards commercial application. The number of prototype systems and test apparatuses has steadily increased thanks to the worldwide research efforts. Due to the extensive variety of possible implementations of AMR, design methods are not well established. This thesis proposes a framework for approaching AMR device design. The University of Victoria now has three functional AMR Refrigerators. The newest system constructed in 2012 operates near-room-temperature and is intended primarily as a modular test apparatus with a broad range of control parameters and operating conditions. The design objectives, considerations and analysis are presented. Extensive data has been collected using the machines at the University of Victoria. Performance metrics are used to compare the devices. A semi-analytical relationship is developed that can be used as an effective modelling tool during the design process.



Active Magnetic Regenerative (AMR) Cycle, Magnetocalorics, Magnetic Refrigeration, Gadolinium