Performance enhancement in VANET with admission control and contention window adjustment




Tiwari, Vivek

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Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANET), a derivative of mobile networks, has the capability to increase the safety, e ciency and comfort of transportation systems, and provide users on-the-road Internet connectivity. Because of its impetus and signi cance in practical scenarios, it becomes a sought after topic in both industry and academia. In this thesis, we focus on the vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) drive-thru Internet services in a highway scenario. The road side unit (RSU) along a highway can provide network services for vehicles within the coverage. To enhance the network performance, we propose two strategies. First, to ensure a high network throughput, the RSU uses an admission control strategy to limit the competition among vehicles, and avoid the waste of channel time to the low-data-rate users. Second, based on the vehicle density, we also propose a contention window (CW) adjustment strategy which can reduce the collision probability when the network is congested, and reduce the idle time otherwise. Extensive simulations using network simulator (NS-2) are given, which demonstrate the e ectiveness of the proposed solutions.



mobile networks, vehicular ad hoc networks, transportation