19th-Century Visions of Prague: Guiding UNESCO Historical Preservation and Urban Development in the City Today




Pacina, Noah

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The Langweil Model of Prague, constructed in the early 19th century, provides an unparalleled perspective of the city. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Historic Centre of Prague remains an exemplary urban space, displaying its rich architectural and visual history for all to see. Ultimately, however, Prague is a living and evolving European capital city. As such, my project seeks to address how the city contends with serious decisions about how cities deal with the problems of today, with heritage integrity and environmental sustainability remaining further heightened issues. To that end, I will engage with the way that the Langweil Model (in particular its modern virtual counterpart) remains at the heart of these issues, as an informing resource for historical preservation and urban development in the city. Furthermore, conclusions on necessary priorities moving forward will be brought to light.



UNESCO World Heritage, Urban Development, Heritage Studies, Historical Preservation