Partnership programs for adolescent sexual health: an integrative review




Hawes, Carolyn

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In this integrative literature review, my aim was to understand how Action Research (AR) or partnership programs can empower and benefit adolescent females to act on issues important to their sexual health by their participation. Eleven AR and partnership research papers oriented to empowering female adolescents about their sexual health were reviewed using established criteria. I learned that few partnership projects have been specifically designed and evaluated for female adolescents in their sexual health. Some programs designed to reduce adolescent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are shown to be effective if the philosophical, methodological, and practical criteria adhere authentically to the established criteria, and if the projects can be supported both financially and at the policy level for sustainable programming. What this review also revealed, evidenced by the youth’s positive statements, is that small changes in empowerment processes can be equally valuable for them despite weaknesses in study design if the process occurs in a youth-friendly environment. Public Health Nurses (PHNs) can serve as liaisons between the adolescents and the community and as facilitators to nursing students working in school health programming. Nursing students could provide the consistent presence in the schools to foster sustainable programs while being supported by nurse educators to develop their partnership skills with adolescents.



partnership, programs, adolescent, sexual health, integrative review