A customization framework for the SVG Graph Visualization Engine




Zou, Feng

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The Rigi research group has built an SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) Graph Visualization Engine to visualize, interactively explore and annotate software structures. The biggest difficulty we experienced during the customization of this engine for different domains is that we need to create idiosyncratic generators every time. Each generator is created by different developers using different approaches. If the subject information model does not contain layout information, developers of the generator are also responsible for writing algorithms to calculate layout. In this thesis, we present a customization framework for our SVG Graph Visualization Engine to provide flexible customization using third party libraries to construct specific SVG Graph Generators. The customization framework consists of documentation for the existing graph engine and a componentized abstract generator that can be extended for a variety of information domains. We also created two reference implementations for the abstract generator and included them in the template solution project to exemplify the usage of the customization framework. We also validated the template solution with an end user to build a generator for a new domain. Our customization framework greatly eases the process of building SVG Editor Generators for domain-specific visualization engine.



customization framework, visualization engine, software development, model based, generator