SoundAnchoring: Personalizing music spaces with anchors




Oliveira, Leandro Collares de

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Several content-based interfaces for music collection exploration rely on Self-Organizing Maps (SOMs) to produce 2D or 3D visualizations of music spaces. In these visualizations, perceptually similar songs are clustered together. The positions of clusters containing similar songs, however, cannot be determined in advance due to particularities of the traditional SOM algorithm. In this thesis, I propose a variation on the traditional algorithm named anchoredSOM. This variation avoids changes in the positions of the aforementioned clusters. Moreover, anchoredSOM allows users to personalize the music space by choosing the locations of clusters containing per- ceptually similar tracks. This thesis introduces SoundAnchoring, an interface for music collection exploration featuring anchoredSOM. SoundAnchoring is evaluated by means of a user study. Results show that SoundAnchoring offers engaging ways to explore music collections and build playlists.



Music Information Retrieval, Human-Computer Interaction, Self-Organizing Maps, Interfaces for music collection personalization