Optimizing the Movement Path in a Network of Ground and Aerial Mobile Robots in the Field of Communications and Transportation




Doostniae, Reza

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In digital systems and industries related to the IoT, especially in mechatronic systems and communication industries, as well as land and air transportation, motion sensors and routing systems play a crucial and indispensable role. The primary goal of this research is to find the optimal movement path while effectively avoiding obstacles . In other words, the path should be chosen in a way that ensures the robot does not collide with any obstacles, whether they are stationary or moving objects. To achieve this, the shapes of obstacles are extracted, and the need to avoid them is determined. By implementing obstacle avoidance algorithms , we can guarantee safe and reliable navigation for the robot. This paper describes an object-oriented software system for continuous optimization by a new metaheuristic method, the Bat Algorithm, based on the echolocation behavior of bats. Bat algorithm was successfully used for many optimization problems and there is also a corresponding program in MATLAB



Spiral Algorithm, Bat Algorithm, Spiral motion, Motion sensors