Differentiated instruction: applying the work of C.A. Tomlinson in the primary literacy classroom




Erickson, Christina

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This project examines differentiated instruction (DI), and its implications for teaching language and literacy at the primary level. In particular, this project critically examines Carol Ann Tomlinson’s model of differentiation to determine how Tomlinson’s work may be applied to the teaching of primary language and literacy. To do this, this project examines the theoretical framework that underpins Tomlinson’s DI model, and considers the weaknesses and strengths of Tomlinson’s work, as well as the reasons why Tomlinson’s work has been so well received by educators. This project culminated in the adaptation of a tiered learning tool, Think-Tac-Toe, that may be used by teachers as part of a differentiated language curriculum for primary students. The learning tool also serves as the basis for a professional development workshop for educators about differentiated instruction in the primary grades, which is described in the appendices.



Differentiated Instruction, literacy, primary, language, Carol Ann Tomlinson