Education and experience in the preparation of non-Indigenous researchers working in Indigenous contexts




Brophey, Alison

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In order to learn from non-Indigenous researchers who have engaged in respectful relationships with Indigenous communities, this study sought to explore the preparation and experiences of a group of non-Indigenous researchers at the University of Victoria who have sustained research partnerships with Indigenous communities. The existing literature suggests methodologies, processes and procedures that the non-Indigenous researchers should consider when engaging in research with Indigenous communities (Battiste, 1998; Wilson, 2007; Menzies 2004; Fleras, 2004); however, it does not address issues of researcher preparedness or readiness. Through a narrative inquiry process, this study examines the ways non-Indigenous researchers’ personal characteristics, values, knowledge, skills, and prior life experiences contribute to their abilities to research respectfully and sustainably with Indigenous peoples. Findings show that participants in this study embody an ally-based orientation and employ decolonizing methodologies.



ally-based orientation, decolonize, decolonizing, ally, allies, indigenous, non-indigenous, research, education, experience