Effects of Hung Fut Kung Fu's ten basic stances on postural balance and quality of life in elderly women




Panton, Douglas William Henry

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This multi method, quasi pre and post intervention design evaluated the impact of Hung Fut Gung Fu's ten basic stances (TBS) on quality of life (QOL) and postural balance in elderly females. The purpose of this inquiry was to explore the effectiveness of TBS as an appropriate and health promoting form of physical activity for senior populations. Five females aged sixty-nine to eighty-three, participated in the eight-week intervention. Pre and post intervention data were collected through a Quality of Life Profile: Seniors questionnaire, the Berg balance test, and a self-report calendar of slips, trips and falls. Post-intervention interviews captured participants' reflections of the experience. Quantitative findings indicate that the TBS sessions generated slight improvements in QOL and postural stability and significant reductions in slips trips and falls. Qualitative data analysis identified two themes as contributing to participants' QOL - acquiring knowledge and socializing with peers. The TBS appears to be a promising strategy for enhancing QOL and postural balance for senior populations.



Kung Fu, physical fitness, older people