Sexual learning: adolescent experiences of setting sexual boundaries




Humbert, Bianca

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This study explored 6 high school student’s experiences of setting sexual boundaries. The significance of this study expands the findings and contributes to the existing literature on sexual learning by adolescents setting sexual boundaries. Qualitative methodology, narrative style semi-structured interviews and thematic analysis were used in this study. Research findings point out that youths face significant challenges when setting sexual boundaries, such as, dealing with negative responses, having to maintain boundaries for an extended time, and managing emotional distress after consent is provided, but not followed by, a positive sexual experience. Implications for future research would include an exploration of this research question with a larger and more diverse population. The goal would be to develop findings that could be generalized with a larger population. Further, the goal would be to engage in an increased dialog of sex-education for youths. The important areas to explore would include experiences of setting sexual boundaries, support a healthy integration of the meanings that are associated with these experiences, and to enhance strength-based practices of setting healthy sexual boundaries.



sexual learning, adolescent, boundary setting, experiences