łok̓ʷala la xux̌ (Let Him Speak Strong): Integrating First Peoples Principles of Learning for Students' Success




O'Shannessy, Sarah

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This project, completed as part of a Master’s in Education with a focus on Curriculum and Instruction, has two major purposes: To investigate the needs of Aboriginal learners; and to make an easily accessible guide to encourage educators to incorporate the First Peoples Principles of Learning into their practice. It begins with a brief overview of the history of the Aboriginal peoples of Canada and their relationship with the education system. Next, a thorough review of the literature is offered in an effort to better understand what Aboriginal students need in order to be successful, as well as what factors often influence teachers’ ability and/or willingness to begin to include both Aboriginal content and ways of knowing into their practice. This review of the literature resulted in the creation of a website that is designed to act as a handbook of sorts, offering information about Aboriginal Education and ways to apply the First Peoples Principle of Learning in a meaningful way, using service learning as a tool. The entire project has strived to reflect the First Peoples Principles of Learning, in all steps of its completion. In conclusion, this project aims to guide educators in their efforts to increase levels of success amongst Aboriginal learners and to encourage educators to begin to think about the importance of both Aboriginal content and culture in our classrooms. The result is an informative and practical addition to the conversation about Aboriginal education.



Aboriginal Education, Service Learning, Student Success