Reconnecting with body and space: how teachers in British Columbia are reconstructing the traditional classroom to engage students' bodies in learning




Gianakos, Kevin

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Embodied learning is a holistic approach to education that takes into consideration the inclusion of the body in learning, students’ awareness of self, and their connection with place and those around them. The current study sought to uncover ways in which elementary school teachers in British Columbia were adapting classroom spaces to engage student bodies in learning process. Two teachers from different regions of the province were interviewed about their experiences with embodied learning. Physical hurdles such as the restrictive nature of the space within which they worked, and systemic hurdles such as student / teacher expectations about teaching and learning experiences and relationships, assessment and pedagogy practices, and a lack of clarity about the purpose of education were identified as challenges that teachers hoping to embrace embodied learning would have to overcome.



Embodied learning, Embodiment, Holistic learning, Movement