Guernsey children and the Second World War




Madsen, Kim

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From June 1940 until May 1945, Guernsey children either lived under German occupation or were evacuated to England for the duration of the war. This thesis presents a small case study that uses oral testimony and resilience theory to describe Guernsey children’s experiences during World War Two. Its intent is to contribute towards the larger picture of British children’s experiences during this period. This thesis also aims to understand how the majority of those who were children on Guernsey during this time judged that, despite the obvious challenges related to wartime, their experiences had a net positive effect on their lives. Findings suggest that, consistent with resilience theory, children found the support they needed both internally using optimism, empathy, comparison, and the attitude of ‘getting on with it’ and externally from family, teachers, and the local people with whom they lived during evacuation or occupation.



children, evacuation, occupation, World War Two, resilience