Journey into compassion: explorations through spiritual practice and ordeal




Amos, Patrick David

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In this thesis I explore a connection between my personal experiences of paranormal (non-ordinary) consciousness, modern consciousness research, indigenous perspectives on health, and the spiritual pursuit of compassion. My methodology is grounded in a notion of `direct experience' and what comes of it. Insights are derived primarily from direct experience through a process of self-observation and reflection whilst under the tutelage of a number of indigenous-minded Elders with whom I have long standing relationships. Research insights are conveyed through narrative writing, providing both a vehicle for carrying autobiographical stories of synchronicity, mystical encounter, and yogic/shamanic healing and a paradigmatic framework through which to represent and make meaning of experience. Through story-telling I work to demonstrate applications of be-coming (being directly aware of) felt-sense experience and deepening my acceptance of said experience. My intention throughout this writing is to demonstrate the efficacy and value of paranormal consciousness as a vehicle for deepening one's compassion, and enhancing our personal and collective well-being.



compassion, spiritual life