Performance Evaluation for Adaptive Modulation over Rayleigh Fading Channel




Elnawaa, Khamis Hamid

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In this project, adaptive modulation for end to end wireless link system using MQAM modulation scheme over Rayleigh fading channel is addressed. Selecting the modulation schemes, which maintain appropriate frame error rate and maximum throughput, according to channel states is discussed. First order Finite state Markov chain (FSMC) model is utilized to model the channel states in terms of SNR. In order to get the best choice modulation scheme selection for the adaptive modulation system, a new method for channel partitioning the is proposed. In this method, we select the SNR levels of the channel based on a desired (target) FER of the system with respect to the average time of channel state duration. We present another method for channel petitioning, which is called equilibrium steady state method. for both methods, performance measures of the FSMC model for Rayleigh channel are derived, plotted and analyzed. The performance analysis of the system and numerical results of both methods are compared and discussed.



Adaptive Modulation M-QAM, Finite State Markov Chain, Rayleigh Fading Channel