An intensional tool applied in French language educational software




Li, Honglian.

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In this thesis the author presents a Web-based French language educational software system, French e-Flash Card (FFC), programmed using Intensional Markup Language (IML). The FFC site is, in some ways, a typical logic-based web application, which consists of a knowledge base of French grammar rules, a logic engine and a web based user interface. The FFC site is both interactive and dynamic, and incorporates Artificial Intelligence for French grammar. These special features, which distinguish FFC from most conventional language educational applications, are made possible by the intensional programming tool, IML, which allows rule-based markup in an intensional logic. The IML source files define whole families of pages indexed by parameters which specify, for instance, the particular subject matter, the degree of difficulty, and even the vocabulary choices and agreement constraints used to generate sample French sentences. This thesis describes the French e-Flash Card site, provides an overview of IML and defines a design approach for intensional programming which should enable web authors to find practical and systematic ways to program using intensional tools.