Dialogic Approaches to Teaching and Learning in the Primary Grades




Callander, Deanna

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Overall, the project, “Dialogic Approaches to Teaching and Learning in the Primary Grades” focused on exploring how teachers can improve the quality of collaborative talk within the classroom. The theories, concepts and research reviewed in Chapter 2 informed the PowerPoint workshop that was created for teachers about how to implement dialogic approaches to teaching and learning into their daily practice. The workshop was designed in accordance with tenets of sociocultural theory, dialogic talk, exploratory talk, D/d discourse, and the transactional theory of reading. The dialogic approach to teaching and learning featured in the PowerPoint presentation is the use of interactive picturebook read-alouds. The presentation addresses the following topics: the foundations of dialogic and monologic talk, the development of speaking and listening skills, the importance of establishing a supportive learning environment, the use of uptake and valuable questioning techniques, and the assessment of talk. The workshop includes explicit connections to relevant Prescribed Learning Outcomes and recommendations from the British Columbia English Language Arts curriculum package for Kindergarten to Grade 3. The PowerPoint workshop also includes an accompanying script that includes detailed explanations of slides and descriptions of the hands-on activities.



dialogic talk, dialogic reading, picturebooks, interactive read-alouds, collaborative talk, primary, exploratory talk, uptake, questioning