Design and evaluate a model (prototype) for immunization record system in distributed healthcare




Sedghi, Elham

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Since online database applications have become increasingly used in clinical systems, accessing to an online immunization record system needs to be addressed to keep people updated about their latest immunization status and help providers to recommend the next appropriate vaccine at any location and anytime. Sufficient Health Information Systems can bridge the gap between the clinical and technical knowledge and benefit healthcare system. In this study, the requirement of designing a database for an immunization record model was reviewed, and a model was designed; subsequently, a database application was developed, and the qualitative assessment was deployed to evaluate the quality of data and some of usability factors. Through this study, the researcher describes how the data model was designed based on the information gained from Canadian resources such as Public Health Agency of Canada, Centers for Disease Controls, and Canadian Immunization Guide- seventh edition; then, a database application was developed, and the qualitative evaluation was performed to understand healthcare providers’ expectation from the real system.



Immunization, Immunization Tracking System