The Passion of the Social: Reflections on the Seattle Rave Killings




Wernick, Andrew

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Pacific Centre for Technology and Culture


Andrew Wernick is a sociologist and historian of ideas as well as a cultural theorist and jazz pianist. He is the founder and director of Trent Univesity’s Institute for the Study of Popular Culture as well as the current chair of Trent’s Cultural Studies Department. His interests are in media theory and advertising and the place of religion in postmodernity, and in the notion of time in contemporary culture. He is the author of Promotional Culture: Advertising, Ideology, and Symbolic Expression (Sage, 1991), Auguste Comte and the Religion of Humanity: the Post-theistic Project of French Social Theory, (Cambridge University Press, 2000) and co-editor ofShadow of Spirit: Religion and Postmodernism (Routledge, 1992) and Images of Ageing(Routledge, 1995).



Seattle rave killings, passion of the social, nihilism, Nietzsche, sociology, shootings


Wernick, Andrew. "The Passion of the Social: Reflections on the Seattle Rave Killings." Pacific Centre for Technology and Culture, Victoria, B.C. 19 October 2006. Presentation.