Outdoor activities and natural environments for young children in Saudi Arabia




Alansari, Maryam

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This Masters’ project examines the lack of outdoor activities in Saudi Arabia and demonstrates the need for support of these activities in the education system. Through this project I have explored academic literature related to outdoor play experience in early childhood education. I was interested in how the information that I found about how the outdoor play experience in Canada connected with my home in Saudi Arabia. I recognized five main challenges when applying approaches to life in Saudi Arabia. Of particular interest is understanding the term “outdoor activities”, the different education systems, the extreme environmental and weather conditions, being unacquainted with the importance of outdoor activities, and significant changes which need to be made in the outlook of individuals and communities. Important understanding from this small-scale project indicated that there are many challenges which face the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Education which could account for the lack of support of outdoor activities in schools. The common consensus was that the first step in solving this issue was to inform the Ministry of Education, teachers, and parents about the importance of having outdoor activities and to suggest the necessary steps to support these activities. It will require concerted effort, time, commitment, and patience, nevertheless, transformational change in the Saudi Arabian education system is a conceivable notion.



Saudi Arabia, Environments, Outdoor, Children