Beyond words: storytelling in the elementary classroom




Denny, Marlys

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Storytelling transcends time, age, and culture with powers to help people develop socially, emotionally, culturally, and cognitively. Focusing on culturally responsive teaching practices and oral language development, Chapter 1 presents the significance of storytelling and offers curriculum connections as well as an overview of the resource created for elementary teachers. The content presented in Chapter 2 establishes that storytelling is grounded in Lev Vygotsky’s sociocultural theory and James Paul Gee’s notion of Primary Discourse. In addition, the chapter includes a discussion of Geneva Gay’s model of culturally responsive teaching and related supportive research, as well as a review of oral language development and relevant research. Chapter 3 connects the resource to the literature findings in Chapter 2, suggests areas for further research, and includes personal reflections. The teacher resource presents research, outlines pedagogical and pragmatic considerations, and suggests activities, resources, and assessments related to the act of storytelling.



storytelling, elementary, discourse, culturally, responsive, teaching, oral, language, sociocultural, theory