Embedded Systems for Satellite Applications




Yuen, Brosnan

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On board computer (OBC) on UVSD’s Homathko satellite handles with sensor processing, communications system, and payload deployment. OBC has to operate in harsh radiation enviroments in low earth orbit. The duration of the mission is approximately two years. UVic’s astronomy department and ALTAIR project requires multiple lasers in orbit for calibrating telescopes. Homathko fires multiple lasers into a telescope for measuring distortions in upper atmosphere. Distortion information allows astronomers to get better images of celestial objects. Homathko requires a 2º attitude determination system for the LASER. OBC is required to recover from soft errors induced by cosmic radiaiton. The system is also required to operate in extended range of temperatures from -20ºC to +70ºC. The physical size is constrained to 10 cm by 10 cm, which will require surface mounted components and a multiple layer printed circuit board. OBC will contain a communications system for contacting the ground station. OBC will have RF and magnetic shielding to protect the instruments. OBC will undergo extensive hardware and software testing. OBC will also need to withstand atleast 5krad (Si) of total ionizing dose.



CubeStats, Satellites, Radiation Hardened, Space, Computing, File Systems, MRAM, TMS570