Effect of Polymer Terminal Groups on Drug Encapsulation on Polymer Nanoparticles




White, Brookelyn

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I assisted a graduate student, running experiments to determine the effect of polymer terminal groups on physical properties of nanoparticles made with these polymers. I learned particle synthesis using two different methods, both traditional nanoprecipitation and microfluidic nanoprecipitation. I learned particle characterization methods including high performance liquid chromatography to determine drug content of the particles and dynamic light scattering to determine size and polydispersity of the particles. Our goal was to find out if lowering the polarity of the polymer terminal end group can help increase the drug encapsulation of hydrophobic drug, specifically SN-38, inside the polymer nanoparticles. I also helped prepare the most promising particle formulations to use in cell assays to determine efficacy of the particles. The larger goal of this work is to find methods for improving the properties of hydrophobic drugs encapsulated in polymer nanoparticles for the purpose of fighting cancer in patients.



Chemistry, Drug Encapsulation, Polymer Nanoparticles