Raising a Red Flag: Engendering Interest in Drug Education curriculum




Cain, Shadrick

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This research paper attempts to engender a curriculum development discussion concerning a perceived lack of evidence-based, comprehensive Drug Education in British Columbia’s schools. To foster this discussion there is exposition attempting to identify either curriculum or curriculum influencing literature in the field of Drug Education from 1920 to 1960. Incorporated in schools since the early 1900s, evidence shows that school-based personal development curriculum focused on mitigating sexual health issues or to limit alcohol and tobacco consumption has been a facet of societal leaders’ attempts to mold society for a long time. Beginning with a literature review of how early educational leaders Dewey and Counts’ work relates to this topic the paper then discusses reasons for Drug Education’s importance to society and to the author as well as providing reasons for its inclusion in schools. This research paper then elucidates how sexual health curriculum reflects the development of alcohol, tobacco and Drug Education curriculum. This paper attempts to determine whether or not progressive personal development curriculum for Drug Education in British Columbia had fully transcended from issue identification, curriculum development and implementation into a standardized curriculum and then culminates with a rallying cry for educators, researchers, doctors, nurses, and parents to re-enervate the discussion concerning the development of Drug Education curriculum in British Columbia independent and public schools.



personal development curriculum, Drug Education, Sexual Health Education, evidence-based comprehensive Drug Education, critical thinking skills