Experiences of sexual and reproductive health among poor young women street sex workers in Surabaya, Indonesia




Gorman, Hilary

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This thesis examines the lives and experiences of poor young women street sex workers in the city of Surabaya, Indonesia. This thesis focuses on sexual and reproductive health knowledge and practices; conditions of work; and experiences of discrimination, marginalization, and agency. Qualitative research methods, including participant observation techniques and multiple in-depth interviews, were used to gain a detailed understanding of these women’s lives. Results of this research indicate that these young women are severely marginalized through poverty, state ideologies, and public moralities. Their marginalized status leads them to experience poor health outcomes, physical violence, sexual violence, and police harassment. The concept of structural violence is used to describe how poverty and marginalization impact these young women’s health, everyday-lives, and life chances.



sex work, women, sexual health, reproductive health, human rights, violence, agency, marginalization, gender, Indonesia, poverty, HIV/AIDS