Creating Open Government in Environment and Climate Change Canada




Murphy, Michelle

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To best support implementation of open government in Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), this paper aimed to identify and detail cultural and organizational barriers and enablers of open government within ECCC, including how significant these barriers and enablers are and where they exist within the organization. Building off these results, recommendations were formed to address the barriers and enablers that were found.Most the barriers identified in the literature were perceived to be present in some capacity in ECCC, or within some work types. Barriers that were identified within ECCC were: risk aversion, fear of negative publicity, poor data quality and usability, disincentizing/unclear rules, and problems with working with technology and technological procurement. Enablers were present within ECCC, but were often not fully leveraged. Enablers that were identified within ECCC included: engagement and social media abilities, use of a phased approach to open government, use of open government as a part of the department’s mandate, and leadership.



open government, open data, Environment and Climate Change Canada, culture, culture change, qualitative, engagement, organization