An object-oriented co-simulation framework for interconnecting PSpice circuits with time-domain electromagnetic field simulators




Lu, Yingying

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The proliferation of wireless communication has driven up the demand for electromagnetic and circuit co-simulations. Electromagnetic field solvers such as CST Microwave Studio and Flomerics Microstripes have proprietary links to Agilent ADS and AWR Microwave Office, respectively. However, popular electronics circuit solvers such as Cadence PSpice cannot handle co-simulation of circuits and fields effectively. In this thesis, a co-simulation framework is developed for interfacing PSpice with electromagnetic field simulators. Algorithms for direct one-port and two-port connections between Transmission Line Matrix (TLM) models of electromagnetic structures and PSpice, and convolution algorithms for connecting TLM structures with PSpice will be presented. The latter algorithm is more efficient than the former, and it employs the pre-computed impulse response (Johns response) of the structures. Convolution algorithms for time domain diakoptics of TLM structures using one-port and two-port Johns Matrices for TEM waveguide and TE10 waveguide applications will also be presented.



Wireless communication systems, Electromagnetic