Let’s Talk: The Communicative Language Teaching Approach in a Grade 6 Late French Immersion Classroom




San Martin, Valeskca

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This project focused on how the communicative language teaching approach can impact oral language skills to communicate in a second language. I examine the history and context that led to the development of the CLT approach, describe the influence and implications of Vygotsky’s social cultural theory for learning both first language (L1) and second language (L2). I also discuss the impact of teacher talk in the first language classroom, talk in the second language classroom, French Immersion and learning vocabulary in context, and conclude with a discussion of the research in second language learning and strategies for instruction. The collection of theories, concepts and research informed my final product, a workshop for parents, entitled: “Supporting My Child in Late French Immersion.” The purpose of the workshop is to familiarize parents with the communicative language teaching approach and provide them with information about how they can support student learning inside and outside of school.



Late French Immersion, Communicative language teaching approach, Second language, Providing parent support, Oral development