Variations on a Queen: Encoding Speech Prefixes in 1604/1605 Hamlet




Mee, Chloe

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When I joined the LEMDO team for my internship, the goal for me was to remediate five different old-spelling texts. The texts are being remediated from a project where the encoding standard used to digitise these texts was not Endings-compliant and sustainable in the world of technology. LEMDO is taking on the task of remediating and encoding these texts under the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) standards. I remediated A Midsummer Night’s Dream Quarto One (1600), Hamlet Quarto One (1603), Hamlet Quarto Two (1605), Pericles Quarto One (1609), and Henry the Sixth Part Two Quarto One (1594). After coming across a striking variation in the Queen’s speech prefixes when transcribing Hamlet’s Quarto Two, I directed my research towards investigating variable speech prefixes in early modern playbooks. I focused on the value of this finding for researchers and how it should be encoded in the context of LEMDO’s practice.



Shakespeare, encoding, LEMDO, English, XML, Hamlet, internship, VKURA, speech prefixes, early modern drama, early modern playbooks, Humanities, first year, digital humanities, research