Building bridges and blurring lines: the value of reflexivity in CYC-based humanitarian practice




Vradenburg, Kim

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This research suggests that Child and Youth Care based reflexive practice contributes to crucial shifts in perspective in both international and national staff in humanitarian contexts, and blurs the line between beneficiaries and practitioners in humanitarian intervention. I maintain that national staff (people hired in country by international organisations) to care for affected populations in humanitarian contexts are a distinct group within a vulnerable population, and with whom integrative, focused efforts in practitioner development must be made. Specifically, this research suggests that an emphasis on reflexive practice with this group in Malawi, Sierra Leone and Sudan facilitated small but crucial increments of human change processes which led to increased responsibility as part of developing practitioner identity and wider social change. All of this is important if effective practice towards targeted beneficiaries and humanitarian protection aims are to be fully realized.



reflexivity, CYC, humanitarian, vulnerability, human change processes, self