Remembering Loss: Effects of Internment and Dispossession on Japanese Canadian Collective Memory




Kruschke, Peter

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My research deals with the internment and dispossession of Japanese Canadians during the Second World War. Specifically, I am investigating the effect of the internment on Japanese Canadian collective memory. In other words, my research explores how the internment affected how Japanese Canadians conceptualize their place in Canadian society, both in relation to the government and Canadian society at large. Being that there is little historiography on the subject, I am relying heavily on primary source material-mainly interviews of former internees and their descendants. Over the course of my research I have found that the internment had long-lasting impacts on Japanese Canadians' relationship with the state (the various levels of government, political parties, the police, etc.) and with various ethnic groups in Canada (white Canadians, Indigenous peoples, and other visible minorities).



race relations, collective memory, Japanese Canadian, internment, dispossession