Okanagan Park plaque unveiling and Herb Green interview




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Elders Council for Parks in British Columbia
Searle, D. Richard (Donald Richard), 1951

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Footage begins with scenic shots at South Park in the South Okanagan/Okanagan Lake Park, including the lake, water, shore, hills with talking in the background, birds; campgrounds with sound of lawnmower, children, dog in background; BC Parks signs; Rick Searle and others at a commemoration for BC Parks reunion. At 15:26, speeches begin to commemorate BC Parks employees who have reunited for plaque unveiling. Speakers include Drew Carmicheal and Brian Botheimer, Manager of Conservation and Recreation and touch on history of BC Parks, current park use, legacy, etc. Lou Campo also gives a speech for construction people who built BC Parks, and became district managers. Several people are mentioned, including Charlie Velay and Tony Hammond. Attendees included Drew Carmicheal, John Wilgress, Don Carruthers, Jimmy Moore, John Goff, Tom Moore, Herb Green and Jim Delgatty. Herb D. E. Green interviewed by Rick Searle. Green speaks about his employment with BC Parks (1950-1987) and the positions he held in such parks as Manning Park and Silverstar. His most memorable experiences include injuries, searching for children, difficult staff situations, requirements of central organizations (i.e. purchasing) and yearly inventory. Green counts his role of district manager at Manning Park as his biggest accomplishment. He hopes to be remembered for wildlife management and his understanding of difference between managing the large parks versus the parks with lots of people. He has few regrets, but may have tried get in charge of bigger crews of men earlier. The main lessons he learned center around garbage management. Green concludes his interview by touching on his hopes for BC Parks in the future; naming his mentors, who include Charlie Velay and Ian Leeman; some personal reminiscences; and an anecdote about Clearwater Lake. Part of Elders’ Council for Parks in British Columbia oral history interview series, collected for the documentary BC Parks: Celebrating 100 Years of Recreation and Protection available at http://ekoscommunications.com/node/723


Okanagan Park Plaque Unveiling, Penticton 2006, running time: 0:00-30:43, Quicktime H.264 file. Interviews conducted by Rick (D. Richard) Searle, ca. 2006. Green interview running time: 30:43-59:55 Quicktime H.264 file


Elders Council for Parks of British Columbia, Green, Herb D.E., British Columbia. Forest Service., British Columbia. Parks Division., Parks -- British Columbia