A Weapon Called Hunger: How Conflict in the Global North Exacerbates Food Insecurity in the Global South, A case study of the 2022 war in Ukraine




Wishewan, Sienna

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The full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine has the potential to seriously challenge food security. The correlation between conflict and hunger has been well documented; however, the majority of previous research has been devoted to explaining this correlation in the Global South. Thus, this research project attempts to contribute to the limited body of research on the effects of conflict in the Global North on food insecurity in the Global South through using the 2022 war in Ukraine as a case study. This research project uses data collected from the Food and Agricultural Organization, UNComtrade, and the UN Joint Coordination Centre and a longitudinal study to analyze how the war in Ukraine has affected the four dimensions of food security outlined by the FAO in selected Global South countries. This analysis reveals that the physical availability of wheat and economic and physical access to wheat have been severely reduced due to the war in Ukraine. Additionally, this research suggests that Global South countries that are highly reliant on Ukraine for the supply of wheat and utilize wheat for a significant portion of their daily caloric intake will experience higher rates of food insecurity because of the war in Ukraine.



Global South, Ukraine, conflict, food insecurity