WiMedia UWB systems measurements and distributed multiband MAC layer design for high rate residential UWB wireless networks




Liu, Lebing

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Ultra wideband (UWB) systems have the potential for high data rate applications such as high-definition video streaming, high speed data transfer, etc. Recently, WiMedia based UWB evaluation systems and commercial products are available from industry. In order to understand the true performance of the WiMedia UWB system, it is important to study its characteristics from mathematical models and practical measurement tests. One of the key objectives of this thesis is to determine the important parameters in the path loss model based on the measurement results from the intended environments. Our focus is on residential environments including office buildings and houses, where intensive measurements are performed from various layers of a network (e.g. physical layer, packet level and application level). The results show that the WiMedia UWB system is fully capable of handling different high rate applications in residential networks. Another goal of this thesis is to propose a medium access control (MAC) protocol design tailored to high rate residential UWB wireless networks. The proposed multiband distributed MAC design utilizes the unique capabilities of UWB technology and the environment characteristics. We elaborate the design details and build a discrete event simulation program for performance evaluation purpose. By evaluating from both theoretical analysis and simulation, we show that the proposed MAC design has substantial advantage over single channel MAC in a high rate residential UWB wireless network.



broadband communication systems, ultra-wideband devices