Youth Migration in Japan: From Rural to Megacities




Boncajes, A. J.

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Contemporary Japan is experiencing a tri-fold dilemma comprising of decreasing birth counts per year, an aging population and an ever-increasing migration of young workers from rural areas migrating to megacities. This paper will analyze the impact of that youth movement in both the rural, urban and megacity. Further, this paper will discuss the motivating factors in why young workers choose to migrate away from their hometowns and live in big cities. Additionally, this research will discuss the global impact of such migration in relation to the countries such as the Philippines and Indonesia. Lastly, this paper will list several possible solutions to alleviate the need of support for a depleting young workforce in rural areas as well as ways in which municipalities are taking in order to gain attention of new farmers wanting to live an agricultural lifestyle.



Urbanization, Megacities, Rural, Hyakusho, Youth, Migration, Magna, Anime, Eco Villages, Rediscovering Japan, Video Games, Hayao Miyazaki, International Nurses, Elder Care