All-scalable CH₃NH₃PbI₃ perovskite solar cells fabricated in ambient air




Ahmed, Yameen
Gangadharan, Deepak Thrithamarassery
Kokaba, Mohammad Reza
Yeddu, Vishal
Awais, Muhammad
Zhang, Dongyang
Kamraninejad, Vahid
Saidaminov, Makhsud I.

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Solar RRL


Perovskite solar cells (PSCs) are an attractive emerging photovoltaic technology due to their high-performance while being made by low-cost fabrication processes. The most efficient PSCs are small area and made by nonscalable coating method in an inert atmosphere, but these sizes and fabrication conditions are commercially irrelevant. Herein, fabrication of PSCs is reported using only scalable methods, that is, slot-die coating and blade coating methods, all in ambient air. The tolerance to relaxed fabrication conditions is enabled by the use of hydrated nonhalogenated lead source. Resurfacing strategy is then introduced to suppress charge carrier nonradiative recombination and obtained an efficiency of 19.91% for rigid and 17.4% for flexible PSCs by all-scalable fabrication. To the best of our knowledge, these are the highest efficiencies for n–i–p structured MAPbI3-based PSCs in ambient air using all-scalable method to date. The devices showed excellent tolerance to oxygen and moisture (ISOS-D-1) as well as stable maximum power point operation following burn in a dry air glove box (relative humidity ≈ 20%) without encapsulation.




Ahmed, Y., Gangadharan, D. T., Kokaba, M. R., Yeddu, V., Awais, M., Zhang, D., Kamraninejad, V., & Saidaminov, M. I. (2023). All‐scalable CH3NH3PBI3 perovskite solar cells fabricated in ambient air. Solar RRL, 7(15).