Wordless Picturebooks: Potential for Use in a Late French Immersion Middle School Classroom




Wiigs, Christianne

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This project explores the potential of wordless picturebooks for use in a Late French Immersion middle school classroom. In Chapter 1 I discuss my motivation for my project and the connections to the curriculum. In Chapter 2 I examine the theoretical and conceptual foundations of Vygotsky, Barnes and Mercer, highlighting the importance of talk and discussion in classrooms. In this chapter I also examine the role of interactive read-alouds and dialogic talk, as well as contextualizing the motivation and challenges of the Late French Immersion adolescent student. In Chapter 3 I describe the design of a unit plan which includes the use of wordless picturebooks and is based on the knowledge gained through the research literature. This plan highlights collaborative group situations that encourage exploratory talk. Wordless picturebooks can provide opportunities for Late French Immersion students to successfully engage in conversation.



Late French Immersion, Wordless Picturebooks, Middle School