Bridging eLearning and social networks.




Noesgaard, Kristian

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In this thesis, I present a framework for bridging the concepts of Social Networks and eLearning Learning Management Systems (LMSs) by finding elements and entities common to both systems, and eliminating these common elements to form an LMS Gadget which can hypothetically be used to extend any Social Network with an API that exposes User and User-Group information so that it also has the functionality of an LMS. I will also include a history of these systems, and a concrete example of such a unification. Finally, I will explore the application of the LMS Gadget to any Web Portal System that exposes User and Group management through an Application Programming Interface (API). This is an application that I conceived of, designed, and did the large majority of the programming for (with assistance on some data access routines to help meet an April 2008 conference deadline). Graphic design was provided by Amos Rowsell of Udutu Learning Systems (a private company for which I have held the role of Lead Developer since November 2005).



eLearning, Social Network, SCORM, Facebook, Udutu, LMS