Continuing education in pediatric emergency management: literature review and curriculum development




Scarisbrick, Shannon

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There are few situations health care providers will encounter that are more stressful than the resuscitation of a pediatric patient. Pediatric resuscitations are relatively uncommon events and are generally associated with dismal patient outcomes despite efforts to implement pediatric-specific resuscitation guidelines (Donoghue et al, 2010; Hunt, Walker, Shaffner, Miller & Pronovost, 2008; Mikrogianakis et al., 2008). The purpose of this project is to present an integrative literature review and curriculum blueprint for pediatric emergency management to address the continuing education needs of nurses caring for pediatric patients. Thematic analysis of the literature was undertaken as well as a needs assessment of local nurses to discover what gaps in pediatric emergency management education exist currently. The proposed curriculum is informed by Benner’s model of novice to expert (Benner, 1982; Benner, 2001), and Fink’s taxonomy of significant learning (Fink, 2013). The theoretical foundation of the curriculum is constructivism, a perspective which acknowledges the previous knowledge and experience of the learners, and ensures that the curriculum remains learner-centred.



pediatric nursing, simulation based education, pediatric emergency management