Lithic technologies of the Discovery Islands: materials, stone tool production, and communities of skilled practitioners




Abbott, Callum William Filan

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This thesis explores the findings of a diachronic analysis of three lithic assemblages from Quadra Island, British Columbia. From this, insights flow about the genealogies of technological practice and communities of skilled practitioners who inhabited the study area throughout its deep history. I use qualitative and quantitative methods including macroscopic lithic analysis, thin section petrography, X-ray fluorescence spectrometry, and morphometrics to operationalize these theoretical foundations. This suite of complementary methods and theory weaves a narrative of technological change alongside simultaneous continuity for hundreds of generations of human life. I argue this is evidence of the dynamic, sophisticated, yet enduring knowledge and practice of the inhabitants of the Discovery Islands throughout their deep histories that persist in the present.



Northwest Coast Archaeology, Lithic Technologies, Communities of Practice, Thin Section Petrography, X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry, Morphometrics, R