The reading profile of a child with autism: theoretical implications




Ogle, Keira Chivawne

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The present study examined the utility of the simple view of reading (Gough & Tunmer, 1986) in explaining the reading profile in one case of autism. A case study design was employed to describe reading decoding, reading comprehension, and oral language comprehension using parent interviews, direct observations, and standardized and experimental measures. A twelve year-old girl with autism, CG, relied on a visual approach when decoding rather than a phonological or semantic approach. She demonstrated the greatest ease with literal and vocabulary-based comprehension. Syntactic knowledge and cohesive inferential comprehension were also well developed. CG was able to integrate real world knowledge only when the requirements were explicit. She had the most difficulty with pragmatic language and evaluative inferences. While the simple view was consistent with CG’s case, this model was not helpful in understanding her reading profile due to its broader skill focus as opposed to a component skill focus.



autism, literacy, children