Code Drift




Kroker, Arthur
Kroker, Marilouise

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Pacific Centre for Technology and Culture


Code drift is the spectral destiny of the story of technology. No necessary message, no final meaning, no definite goal: only a digital culture drifting in complex streams of social networking technologies filtered here and there with sudden changes in code frequencies, moving at the speed of random fluctuations, always seeking to make of the question of identity a sampling error, to connect with the broken energy flows of ruptures, conjurations, unintelligibility, bifurcations. When the Book of Genesis gives way to the Book of (Information) Genetics, we are suddenly exited into a culture of epigenesis with code drifts as its primary impulse, all the human anxiety of being tethered to mobility its primary affect, and the novel historical experience of literally being skinned by technology as the body is increasingly wrapped in the new nervous system that is the global data genome.



code drift, digital culture, code frequencies, social networking technologies, energy flows, bifurcation, epigenesis, global data genome, tethered mobility


Kroker, Arthur and Kroker, Marilouise. "Code Drift." Pacific Centre for Technology and Culture, Victoria, B.C. 4 June 2009. Presentation.