Sentinel-3 Satellite Chlorophyll-a Concentration Validation




Kaur, Gaganjot

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Ocean health is very crucial for the balance of the ecosystem. Therefore, continuous monitoring of oceans is an important work being undertaken by remote sensing satellites. European Space Agency’s (ESA) Sentinel 3 is deployed in the earth’s orbit which keeps track of chlorophyll concentration in the oceans. This project is focused on validating the chlorophyll concentration data obtained by Sentinel 3. The data collected from the satellite is compared with the data directly retrieved from the ocean with the help of British Columbia (BC) ferries. The BC ferries are equipped with instruments and sensors that estimate the amount of chlorophyll. The area of study involves coastal British Columbia especially the southern Strait of Georgia. The goal of this project is to find how correlated the two datasets are. The project is extremely data-centric and involves extensive pre-processing and exploration followed by designing of efficient methodology for validation. The validation methodology is analyzed by statistical measures such as the Pearson Correlation. This project also sheds light on the assumptions and uncertainties involved in the data collection procedures which can affect the consistency and reliability of data.



Sentinel-3 Satellite, BC Ferry Data, Chlorophyll Concentration, Validation, Pearson Correlation, Data processing, Choropleth visualization