Test Utility for Live and Online Testing of an Anti-Phishing Message Security System




Patel, Dhruvalkumar

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The Internet has become a basic human need as many sectors such as banking, education and e-commerce are highly dependant on the Internet. At the same time, security has become one of the top concerns for Internet users across the globe. One of the top threats faced by most users is phishing scams. Phishing is a nontrivial problem which involves deceptive messages (emails and SMS messages) that trick users into willingly revealing confidential information like passwords, bank account numbers, and social insurance numbers. The goal of this project is to develop a mechanism and set of utilities to test a new phishing detection system. This mechanism involves setting up several test email accounts on Yahoo and Gmail, and populating these accounts from different datasets including legitimate, phishing, and spam emails. This is used for real-world and live testing of the new phishing detection system. Additionally, a collection of unit test cases is created and executed using a test automation framework. This allows for testing and improving the quality of the software implementation of the phishing detector.



Phishing, Test utility