Responding to significant otherness: an interdisciplinary approach to critical theory and nonhuman animals




Harrower, Mariah Pease

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This paper examines the roles "the animal" plays in various broad movements in contemporary critical theoretical work in and around the humanities and social sciences. It brings together elements of theory and practice in imagining discursively-constructed subjects who are not necessarily human. Some vocabulary drawn from the equestrian practices of dressage and Centered Riding© is employed as a means of translating phenomenologically various and immediate embodied expression into written language. Central theorists are Vicki Hearne (Adam's Task: Calling Animals by Name), Barbara Noske (Beyond Boundaries), Cary Wolfe (Animal Rites and Zoontologies: The Question of the Animal, ed.), Donna Haraway (a number of selections), Temple Grandin (Thinking in Pictures and Animals in Translation), and Jacques Derrida ("The Animal that Therefore I Am" and "And Say the Animal Responded," two sections of a 1997 conference lecture entitled "U Animal autobiographique").



animals (philosophy), human-animal relationships