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Item consists of 208 freelance arts and cultural reviews and commentaries, written by artist and writer Robert Amos, dated 1982-1986. The articles were written primarily for Monday Magazine, however some items appeared in publications such as Canadian Collector. Scanned from photocopies, 214 pages. PDF can be searched by keyword.


The articles in this collection relate to various aspects of the arts and cultural scene in Victoria in the early to mid 1980s, they include: book reviews, history of Chinatown, letters to the editor, local heritage sites, as well as group and solo art and design exhibitions. Some illustrations by Amos. Artists reviewed include: F.H. Varley, Fenwick Lansdowne, Walter Dexter, Phyllis Serota, Lincoln Clarkes, Vincent Varga, Miles Lowry, W. J. Phillips, Jerry Pethick, Herbert Siebner, Robert Bateman, Harry Heine, Toni Onley, Wayne Ngan, Glenn Howarth, E. J. Hughes, Michael Morris, Colin Graham, Max Maynard and the Island Illustrators Society; Galleries include: Stephen Lowe, Kyle's, North Park, Open Space, Maltwood (UVic), and the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria.


Artists -- British Columbia -- Vancouver Island, Art, Canadian--British Columbia, Art, Canadian, Art Galleries and museums, Chinatown (Victoria, B.C.) -- History, Victoria, B.C. -- History